About Us

Our company is founded on the principle of gratitude. We are two sets of sisters who decided to start a gift business in late 2006. We decided to name it The Gratitude Gift and to make it our mission to provide a unique way for people to express their gratitude to their friends and loved ones.

After many weeks of brainstorming, MyGratitudeTree.com was conceived. We were very excited to create a website where you can express your gratitude on an ongoing basis and stay connected to those you’ve given a gift. We loved the idea of connecting everyone together on a virtual tree.

The result is this beautiful personal online virtual Gratitude Tree that continues to grow as your small act of gratitude touches others. Your influence can have a positive effect on many and we hope you enjoy tracking your Gratitude Tree.

With Gratitude,
Monica - Tree #2
Kristen - Tree #3
Kim - Tree #4
Sha Ree - Tree #5

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